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Advanced downtime troubleshooting steps

Advanced downtime troubleshooting steps


The articles below offer advanced troubleshooting techniques that may assist you in resolving your site’s downtime concerns.

Other reasons for your site’s downtime might be found in the article below.

What to do if your website isn’t working

Common website error messages

Your site may not load for a variety of reasons. The first step is to identify the symptoms you’re experiencing, which usually entails noting any error messages that show while trying to contact your server.

Many common errors that cause a site to not load are described and addressed in the following article:

Troubleshooting a connection between two sites

Were your processes killed on a shared server?

Your processes may be automatically killed if your site (on a shared server) is consuming too many resources, which can cause your site to go down. Please see the following article for additional details on why this occurs:

On my shared server, why were my processes killed?

Checking your access and error logs

Your site’s access and error log files may contain information on what’s preventing it from loading. These logs can be viewed using an FTP client or SSH.

Using SSH to view and examine your error log
Using SSH to view and examine your access log
Using SFTP to view your access and error log
Error establishing a database connection
For more information on how to resolve this error message, see the following article:

An error occurred when establishing a database connection.