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.dev and .app domains force HTTPS by default

.dev and .app domains force HTTPS by default


Because Remixer Cloud Hosting does not allow HTTPS/SSL certificates, you cannot utilize a.dev or.app domain/subdomain. This is true when you use the Publish button to publish Remixer Cloud-hosted webpages.

HTTPS is required by default on both.dev and.app domains for the reasons listed below.

Why is HTTPS required by default for.dev and.app domains?
Google owns the.dev and.app domains, respectively. .dev and.app domains need HTTPS by default as part of Google’s initiative to secure website connections.

When you register a.dev domain, for example, you’ll notice that this is mentioned:

There is no method to bypass this reroute because Google enforces HTTPS at the registration level. The only way to avoid a browser warning is to install an SSL certificate on your website.