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GreggHost SEO Toolkit: Your Website Score Explained

GreggHost SEO Toolkit: Your Website Score Explained


Your score is automatically updated every day, as well as whenever you make changes to your website and utilize the plugin. This initiates a scan of your entire website, allowing you to see how the modifications you make for each activity affect your SEO progress.

How should I read my score?
Your SEO score can help you in a variety of ways, and it should be used to:

Analyze the progression of your score as a performance indicator over the medium to long term to determine success.
Identify concerns – A significant drop in your website’s score should alert you to issues that need to be addressed.
Compare sites – Compare your SEO score to that of other websites to see how your site stacks up against the competition.
Completing activities to optimize your pages can help you enhance your site’s SEO score, but this work may not be enough to give you the boost you want — you’ll need to monitor and manage your site on a regular basis to see long-term benefits.

To summarize
In terms of SEO, you should track the evolution of your score as a short- and long-term performance indicator for your website.
Significant variations in your site’s score should alert you to potential problems.
Each assignment you complete within the tool will indicate whether or not you are making progress.