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GreggHost user forum and status page

GreggHost user forum and status page

Overview is the home of the GreggHost Discussion Forum.

The forum is for customer self-help only, and it is not intended to be used to contact GreggHost support.

You must register to use the forum. This registration is distinct from any other GreggHost user accounts you may have.
Suggestions GreggHost is always open to consumer suggestions. Suggestions for new features or adjustments to GreggHost services can be made in the GreggHost discussion forum’s Suggestions section:

Page for Forum Suggestions
You may also locate it by clicking the Suggestions link on the forum’s homepage:


GreggHost status page
You can remain up to date on any scheduled or unscheduled outage that may be affecting customers by visiting GreggHost’s status and announcement page.
On certain sites, you can leave comments on the current status post while a GreggHost representative updates the post’s status.