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Remove hosting from a domain

Remove hosting from a domain


When you add your domain to a hosting plan, your website becomes ‘Fully Hosted,’ meaning it is available for anybody to visit online.

You can deactivate the website’s hosting if you no longer want it to be online. The procedures you take will differ depending on whether you wish to remove simply this domain or all domains.

If a domain is the only one on your account, you can remove its hosting.
This assumes you’re using a single hosting package for a single website. If you no longer want the site to be hosted and have no plans to add another site, you can close your hosting plan by following the steps below. Depending on whatever hosting package you’re using, select one of the options below.

You’re terminating your VPS or Dedicated-Only plan.
Remove a domain’s hosting if you have multiple domains hosted
This presupposes that you have a single hosting plan that hosts many websites. You should only delete hosting for a single domain because you have other websites on the package.

This can be accomplished by modifying the domain and changing the hosting to one of the following options:

Parked DNS Only Redirect Mirror
For more information, see the following article:

Overview of the Domains Panel
Remove hosting if you have multiple types of hosting plans
If you have numerous hosting plans, such as Shared, VPS, or Dedicated, you must decide whether to delete hosting for a single name or the entire hosting plan the domain is on. For more information, see the following articles:

Bringing your account overview to a close