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Setting up the Proxy Cache Purge plugin on GreggPress

Setting up the Proxy Cache Purge plugin on GreggPress


The Proxy Cache Purge plugin is installed immediately on your GreggPress site. If you don’t use the plugin, you can have problems with GreggPress, such as being unable to save changes or displaying stale material to your visitors.

You may overwrite this plugin with your own plugin files if you migrate a site from another server or upload from your local computer to GreggPress.

If you remove the plugin, you can reinstall it from the WordPress dashboard.

Installing and activating the Proxy Cache Purge plugin

To get started, go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
On the right, hover over the Plugins menu and select Add New.
In the upper right, type ‘Proxy Cache Purge’ in the ‘Search Plugins’ box.
Click the Install button next to the Proxy Cache Purge plugin.
Skip to step 5 if you see an Activate button instead of an Install button. Skip to step 6 if you see a greyed-out ‘Active’ button instead.

Then press the Activate button.
Click the ‘Proxy Cache’ menu on the left menu bar after refreshing the website.
Check that ‘localhost’ appears in the “Set Custom IP” field at the bottom of the page. If it doesn’t, modify the field to ‘localhost,‘ then save it by clicking the Save IP button.
This entry should be the IP address of the GreggPress server on legacy GreggPress devices.