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Websites Panel Overview

Websites Panel Overview

Websites to Manage

The Manage Websites page gives an updated and graphical presentation of all of your domains, allowing you to effortlessly make feature and setting updates to any of your GreggHost domains.

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Websites panel page
Files can now be managed via the new Manage Websites page.
You may access your domain files and add new FTP/SFTP/Shell users to your server on the FTP Users & Files page.
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Users of GreggHost come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
MySQL Databases
You may add/manage a database that will be used with your website on the MySQL Databases page.

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Secure Certificates
Overview of MySQL Secure Certificates
You can add an SSL certificate to your domain on the Secure Certificates page, allowing it to be accessed using the HTTPS protocol.

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Overview of SSL certificates