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What to check if your site is down

What to check if your site is down


There are a number of reasons why your website may be unavailable. The articles below outline the most frequent issues that may arise, as well as strategies to help you swiftly overcome them.

Check GreggHost’s status page
View any issues GreggHost is currently aware of and attempting to resolve on their status page.

Other things to check
You can examine the following items specific to your account or server after you’ve determined that the problem isn’t GreggHost-wide.

Problems with domain registration
Propagation of DNS records
Registration has expired.
Whether it’s a payment issue or an issue involving abuse,
Account has been suspended due to non-payment.
Site is inaccessible.
Temporary stumbling blocks
Issues with the server
Check to see whether your website is down somewhere.
Is my server up and running?
Are my files in the right place?
Steps for advanced troubleshooting
Have any of your processes been terminated on the shared server?
Error messages that are commonly encountered
Examining your error and access logs
An error occurred when establishing a database connection.
Issues with GreggPress
Troubleshooting for GreggPress