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WinSCP — Creating sessions

WinSCP — Creating sessions


Connection settings are preserved in sessions. Creating a session allows you to connect to a server fast rather than having to re-enter all of your information each time.

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Creating a Session
On the top menu, select the Session option.
From the dropdown menu, select New Session.
The dialog box that appears next is as follows:
Enter the connection credentials for this new session in the same way you did for your first connection.
WinSCP.png 16
To save these credentials into a new session, click the Save button.
The following dialog box appears after that:
This box allows you to name the previously programmed session.
You can use the default name (it’s a combination of the user@hostname, which is a nice description for the session), but you can rename it to whatever you wish.
Because you’ll be the one utilizing it, it’s preferable to use whatever makes the most sense to you.
Make sure the check box next to ‘Save password’ is checked if you want to save the password for this session. If you don’t select this box, you’ll be prompted for the password the next time you try to connect with this session.

To save, click the OK button.
The saved session name will appear on the left hand side of the WinSCP dialog box when the session has been saved.

Connecting using a saved session
Your stored session will appear on the left side of the WinSCP dialog box. To connect, double-click it.