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The affects of Web Hosts on Your Business Website

Here're ways your choice of web hosting service provider impacts the performance of your business:

Website loading speed

Uptime and availability

Customer support


Server location

Website hosting for sites that mean business.

Whether you run a blog, online shop, or small business we make sure your website is fast, secure & always up, so your visitors & search engines trust you. Guaranteed.

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Easy to Manage

GreggHosting makes managing your hosting very easy. Our custom control panel is simple to use and removes the headache that usually come with micro-managing your web hosting.

Fast & Reliable

We know that a down or slow website is hurtful to your brand. With GreggHosting you can rest assure you will not lose traffic/customers and boost conversion and search engine rankings.

24/7 Support

Get the answers you need now, no matter where you are in the world. Our support team responds fast — our average ticket response time is less than 90 secs and live is chat is always on standby. Chat Now!

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Choose from 29 data centers worldwide to store your content close to your website visitors. Our CDN provider, Cloudflare, has a network that spans almost 200 cities in more than 100 countries. It’s available at no extra cost in your GreggHosting plan.

Web hosting tailored to your goals. Made Simple.

Web hosting tailored to your goals.

We host individual, agencies, & enterprise clients of all sizes. Plans with special needs are available, as well as dedicated VMs.

WordPress & Web Hosting Services for Businessess of All Sizes

Web Hosting Services

for Businessess of All Sizes

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Shared Hosting

Small personal sites


VPS Hosting

Small-to-medium sized business sites that require more power and speed than shared hosting


WordPress Hosting

WordPress sites without the worry about plugin updates, backups, or security threats.





Black-Owned Businesses

& Businesses for Change

Dedicated Solutions for Your Needs

Discover our tailor-made hosting services and see which one fits your business needs best.