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The affects of Web Hosts on Your Business Website

Here're ways your choice of web hosting service provider impacts the performance of your business:


Website loading speed


Uptime and availability


Customer support




Server location

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ecommerce hosting is a type of shared hosting that allows you to have a professional and secure website for your e-commerce store. The type of ecommerce hosting you will need depends on the size of your business, your budget and how much traffic you expect to handle.

Gregg Hosting is a professional grade Word Press hosting platform. We are proud to have the best performing Word Press hosting on the market. We ensure your sites run as fast and efficiently as possible with our global network of datacenters and expert support team.

Gregg Hosting is an SEO friendly hosting provider. We have been in the industry for over a decade now and we are the best when it comes to SEO. We make your website SEO ready by providing you with the necessary tools that enable you to rank higher on search engines such as Google.

You can migrate your site to Gregg Hosting by using signing up to open an account, after signing up, log into your account and find the hosting plan that you want.

Yes, I can help you with this question. Word press is a content management system (CMS) which allows users to create and manage their own websites and blogs, manage web pages and functions, build a website by taking advantage of the full functionalities of Word Press, using the powerful features that make Word Press one of the more powerful CMS on the market today. Word press offers many features such as user management, forums, portfolio pages, galleries and even applications that can be integrated into your site. If you want to keep everything up-to-date and more organized, Word press is a great option. It can help you create a website that is customized to your specific needs, and it has tons of incredible plug-in that will make your site even better.

Yes, you can talk with customer support if you are not a current customer on Gregg Hosting. We have an open door policy so feel free to email our support team whenever you need us!