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The affects of Web Hosts on Your Business Website

Here're ways your choice of web hosting service provider impacts the performance of your business:


Website loading speed


Uptime and availability


Customer support




Server location

Small Business

Small Business Hosting

Are you spending the price of a cup of coffee on hosting? Isn’t your business worth more? For just $30 a month, let GreggHosting fuel your business website’s growth with industry-leading small business hosting.

web hosting for small business

Uptime Monitoring

We check the status of all sites we host every 10 minutes. That’s 600 times we’ll check your site every day. Our proactive approach means if there’s a problem with your site, we’ll act fast.


Daily Backups

Rest assured, knowing your business data is safe & secure. Sites are automatically backed up daily and you’ll always find the latest 14 backups of your site in your MyGregg dashboard.


24/7 Priority Support

Get the answers you need now, no matter where you are in the world. Our support team responds fast — our average ticket response time is less than 90 secs and live is chat is always on standby. Chat Now!

A better small business hosting experience

Enterprise-grade architecture, high availability, state of the art security, server-level caching, auto-scaling, six types of backups, real-time expert support, free migrations… These are must-haves every small business needs to succeed — and you can have right now with GreggHosting.
cake cafe owners
cake cafe small business owners

Speed Up. Scale Up.

Back in the 90s, internet moved about as quickly as a sloth running the Boston Marathon with a hangover. Fast forward 20 years and the landscape has changed beyond recognition. Users expect lightning-fast load times and a frictionless online experience. What’s more, these expectations only keep rising as more people work and do their shopping online.


With our analytics tools, you can see how many visitors you're getting, where they're from, and what pages they're viewing. You can also see how long they stay on your site and what they do.

With granular access rights, you can assign each user read-only, editing, or administrative permissions. This ensures that each user only has access to relevant information and features for their role.

I was using Hostgator WordPress hosting before migrating to GreggHosting. My site was slow. The avg. loading time was aeound 9 secs. After switching to, it was reduced to only 3.7 secs. My site is about photography and lots of images. 3.7 secs is an impressive number.

GreggHosting Reviews

Sonja Hughes |


GreggHosting just works ... period. But setting it up to do so and keeping it running as things keep changing on your website (plugins, mail servers ..etc.) can be daunting. No worries ... GreggHosting support is immediately available 24/7 and it is great. I am always treated with respect.

GreggHosting Reviews

Greg Wetanson |

BBQ Restaurant

GreggHosting provides excellent support. They are very responsive and were able to help me in a timely matter. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. You have quick access to your SFTP/SSH and can easily manage multiple sites.

GreggHosting Reviews

Katie Crist |

Construction Company

GreggHosting Reviews
GreggHosting Reviews
GreggHosting Reviews

Fine-tuned for WordPress

If you’re finally ready to take your business to the next level — you just need small business hosting solutions that won’t crack under the pressure. Trust GreggHosting to get it done with small business web hosting optimized for WordPress.

allans backery

The cost of slow site speed...

A slow website will impact your online success in three key ways:



If your site is slow, don’t be surprised if it affects your bottom line, because 77% of customers expect a site to load in 2 seconds and 40% will abandon it if it takes longer than 3 seconds.



Your page load speed directly impacts customer loyalty. Better site performance means greater user satisfaction, which in turn means increased, conversion, sales and brand awareness.


website building


Site speed is a search ranking factor. So the faster your site, the more likely it is Google will rank your small business higher in search engine results pages (SERPS) increasing your site’s overall traffic.

A complete small business solution

Successfully scaling a business, whether it’s an ecommerce site, an agency, or a SaaS, is all about doing the fundamentals and having the stamina to see it through. We’ve designed every aspect of our platform to provide the solid footing you need, no matter what kind of business you run.


Speed and Performance


Full Protection



We’re obsessed with speed and performance

Many of our customers report huge decreases in load times after switching to GreggHosting. We only use state-of-the-art web hosting technologies, so your site will enjoy complete resource isolation, a scalable infrastructure, and high availability. Choose from Google Cloud Platform’s 29 strategically placed global data centers and serve your site closest to where your users are located. Traffic spikes, sudden surges, Black Friday sales — our platform is ready for anything.

We also provide full protection

We have an expert team of technicians who will monitor your website 24/7 and take immediate action if they find any unwanted activity. We use the latest security technologies, such as 2FA and IDS/IPS, to keep our data safe. We use state-of-the-art data centers with high levels of redundancy, advanced hardware, and software firewalls. Our hosting plans are designed to offer you the best possible performance, security, and reliability.

Everything is just ready-to-scale

What Is a Ready-to-Scale Business Hosting Plan? This is an excellent option for businesses that are just starting out and don’t need a lot of hosting resources now but want to make sure they have a plan in place for growth. It allows you to scale your site as needed without worrying about technical issues like server configuration or database management. It also allows you to upgrade or downgrade as needed, which is especially helpful if you’re just starting out and don’t have a good idea of how much traffic your site will attract.

When the community succeeds. We succeed.

Allan’s Bakery is a third generation family black-owned operated bakery that has been serving the Brooklyn, New York area for over 60 years. They approached us before launching their first large-scale advertising campaign. Most websites go down due to the surge in traffic after their successful marketing efforts. They wanted to ensure 100% uptime throughout the media coverage.

allans backery

during the first week


over a 24-hour period

0 TB
cached bandwith

3 GB un-cached bandwidth

Thanks @GreggHosting for all of your flexibility helping us prepare for the traffic increase to our website. Also decreased page load times site-wide by 50%+, which our online customers pointed out.
Robert (Allan) Smith

Allan’s Bakery (

cheerful small business owner

Ready to invest in your small business?

Spend more time focusing on your business and leave the tech to us. Explore our plans to find the SMB hosting solution that’s right for you.

30 day money-back guarantee

 and the most flexible plans in the market

Frequently Asked Questions

Small business hosting is a service that enables you to manage your entire business from one place. It is basically a web hosting package for small businesses. It helps in managing all the elements of your website - from domain name to database, email and everything else.

Gregg Hosting provides hosting services to small businesses with a limited budget. Our affordable plans and secure servers ensure that your website is online 24/7 and can grow with your business as you scale up.

A domain name is the address of a website. It's the address listed on your web browser or, if you're using another type of device, it'll be displayed like this: When someone types in your domain name (example:, they automatically see the website your domain names point to because that's who owns the website. So if someone wants to find your website and go there, they would use its domain name instead of typing in the full URL (

You can migrate your site to Gregg Hosting by using signing up to open an account, after signing up, log into your account and find the hosting plan that you want.

Yes, I can help you with this question. Word press is a content management system (CMS) which allows users to create and manage their own websites and blogs, manage web pages and functions, build a website by taking advantage of the full functionalities of Word Press, using the powerful features that make Word Press one of the more powerful CMS on the market today. Word press offers many features such as user management, forums, portfolio pages, galleries and even applications that can be integrated into your site. If you want to keep everything up-to-date and more organized, Word press is a great option. It can help you create a website that is customized to your specific needs, and it has tons of incredible plug-in that will make your site even better.

Yes, you can talk with customer support if you are not a current customer on Gregg Hosting. We have an open door policy so feel free to email our support team whenever you need us!

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