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HTTP⁄ 2 overview

HTTP⁄ 2 overview


The Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP/2, is a substantial update to the fundamental communication protocol used to transport data back and forth over the internet. It’s the first major change to HTTP in in 15 years, and both browsers and web servers are fast adopting and supporting it.


Is HTTP/2 available on all hosting plans?

Yes. All managed hosting solutions currently support HTTP/2 (Shared, GreggPress, VPS, and Dedicated).

What benefits does HTTP/2 provide?

HTTP/2 introduces a variety of new functionality, including:

It’s a binary protocol, therefore it’s easier to send across the internet.
Parallel connections that are fully multiplexed allow for faster and more efficient data transfer.
Web designers can use server push capability to create sites that proactively transmit assets that a web page requires.

Will my site be compatible with HTTP/2?

Yes! When connecting to an HTTP/2 webserver, browsers that support HTTP/2 will automatically utilize the newer protocol; browsers that don’t support HTTP/2 will continue to use HTTP/1.1 as they do now. Apart from potential speed improvements and faster loading times, websites will look the same on HTTP/2 as they do on HTTP/1.1.

Is my TLS certificate compatible over HTTP/2?

Yes. Over HTTP/2, your current Sectigo, Let’s Encrypt, or third-party TLS certificate will operate right away.

Can I use HTTP/2 for non-secured hosting domains?

HTTP/2 is currently only supported by secured hosting domains with a TLS certificate. This is largely due to the current state of browser implementation; no browsers currently enable HTTP/2 over cleartext connections.

HTTP/2 does not appear to be enabled for my site

This should only happen if you’re using an outdated operating system on a VPS or Dedicated Server, or if you’re running your own custom Apache installation. If you’re unsure, contact assistance.

Can I use HTTP/2 with Cloudflare?

HTTP/2 is supported by Cloudflare. See the following Cloudflare article for further information:

Support for Cloudflare

Is HTTP/2 server push available at GreggHost ?

No, not yet. Server push in HTTP/2 allows a server to deliver material to clients without having to wait for a request. This can reduce the time it takes to get a resource, especially when a large number of other resources must be retrieved as well (e.g., a web page linking to dozens of JS and CSS files). HTTP/2 server push is not accessible on GreggHost servers at this time since the open source release of Nginx that provides HTTP/2 support does not contain support for server push.

Enabling HTTP/2

For Shared, GreggPress, and Nginx servers, HTTP/2 is immediately added and configured—no action is required.

Confirming HTTP/2 is working

You can use a website like this to test your site: