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Accessing your GreggPress database

Accessing your GreggPress database


The following sections explain how to use the GreggPress Dashboard to make rapid modifications to your MySQL database.

Option 1 — Automatically log into phpMyAdmin

To get started, go to the Managed WordPress page.
Database credentials for GreggPress
Select MANAGE from the drop-down menu.
The page ‘Manage WordPress’ appears:
Database credentials for GreggPress
Click the Manage Database button on the bottom right under ‘DATABASE (MYSQL)’.
phpmyadmin managing mysql opens the next page.
Whether or not the domain’s DNS is linked to GreggHost, you can make changes to your GreggPress MySQL database directly in phpMyAdmin. When it comes to backing up, importing, exporting, and restoring databases, phpMyAdmin comes in handy.

See the links in the following section for further information on phpMyAdmin.

Option 2 — Locating your credentials

For further information on how to connect to a database using a third-party software, see the following article:

Using a third-party program to connect to a database
Then, in order to access your GreggPress database through FTP, use the methods below to locate your database login credentials:

To get started, go to the Managed WordPress page.
Click the Manage button to the right of your domain.
Database credentials for GreggPress
A DATABASE (MYSQL) area can be seen on the bottom right. To see your database credentials, toggle Show Credentials on.
Copy the credentials from each item by clicking the copy icon to the right of it and pasting them into your preferred MySQL client.
Instructions for changing the password for your database user can be found in the following article.

Password should be changed (MySQL users)