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Adding a user to a server

Adding a user to a server


Effortlessly enhance server access by learning the steps for adding a user to your system. Streamline user management with our guide.

This post will show you how to create a new username on your server and subsequently on your website.

Adding a user to a server
To add a new website user, follow these steps:

In your panel, go to the FTP Users & Files page.
A user button should be included.
At the upper right, click the + Add A User button.
The page titled “Add User Details” appears:
Create a user page.
Fill in the blanks:
Username — The new user’s username.
Nickname — The new user’s nickname.
Which server will this user be able to access? — Select the server that the user will have access to using the down arrow.
Secure shell access — Toggle the button to enable or disable Secure Shell/SSH (right) (left). If ‘Secure shell access’ is turned off, SFTP is used instead.
Select the Shell Type — The Select the Shell Type drop-down box appears if Secure Shell Access is enabled. You have the option of using bash, tcsh, ksh, or zsh. For more information, see the Shell users section below.
Click the Create User button when you’re finished.
Adding a user to a domain
Instructions for adding your new username to a domain can be found in the article below.

Changing a domain’s allocated user
What if I own more than one website at GreggHost?
Every GreggHost-hosted website is “owned” by a single user. A single user, on the other hand, may own multiple websites. Each site would have its own directory beneath the user’s root directory in this situation.

You can limit a user’s access to one subfolder on a GreggHost website by configuring the account.

Why is it saying that my name has already been taken?
GreggHost usernames are stored in a “namespace” that is shared across a large number of machines. As a result, every FTP/SFTP/SHELL user usernames must be distinct across the entire group. Common user names, such as “admin,” are frequently taken, therefore users may need to add extra characters to their user name to make it unique.

Difference between SFTP and Shell users
For further information on the differences between SFTP and Shell users, see the following article.

Users of SFTP and Shell are not the same.
Deleting a user
For further details on how to deactivate a website user, see the following article:

Delete a website user and all of their information
How do I share website access with another user?
Regrettably, this isn’t doable. For further information, see the article One user per domain policy.

Creating a Shell user from an FTP/SFTP user
Your username must be configured as a Shell user if you need to log into your server using SSH. Instructions on how to enable a shell user can be found in the following article.

Creating a user with access to the shell (SSH)
Logging into your server
You can use an FTP client or SSH to log in now that a user has been created (SSH users only). For further information, read the following articles.

FTP credentials and overview
Overview of SSH