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Adding DNS

Adding DNS



You can make significant changes to your domain settings using the DNS page’s graphical interface. Check your current records, monitor the propagation status, change your nameservers, and more using the DNS website.

Before making any changes to your DNS settings, make sure you understand how DNS works. For more information on viewing and changing your DNS settings at GreggHost, see the following article:

Overview of GreggHost DNS

Opening the DNS page

On the Manage Websites page, click the DNS Settings link to access the DNS page.

menu with three dots
Click the vertical 3 dots button under your domain and then the DNS Settings link if you’re in Grid view.
Click the vertical 3 dots button to the right of your domain in List view, and then the DNS Settings link.
The DNS page appears as follows:


In the Records section, which is described below, you have the following options:

The status of domain propagation
The indicator indicates whether or not the domain has been propagated. The following alternatives are available:

Your site’s DNS records have been changed globally and are now propagated (green).
Checking (orange) — GreggHost is checking to see if your domain’s DNS records have spread globally.
For more information, see the following article:

Overview of DNS propagation
panel-websites-dns-05.png DNS Checker
The DNS Propagation Checker allows you to choose several records and then check a website’s current IP address and DNS record information against multiple nameservers located across the world in real time. You’ll see an interactive map and a list of citations that indicate you the current state of your domain’s lookup:

For more information, see the following article:

DNS entries at a basic level
Refresh DNS panel-websites-dns-07.png Viewing your GreggHost DNS records
To refresh your DNS settings, click the Refresh DNS button. The progress is indicated via an indicator.

panel-websites-dns-08.png should be included as a record.
To make changes to a domain’s DNS records, click the Add Record button. There are several alternatives available:

AAAA CNAME MX TXT SRV (advanced) NS A AAAA CNAME MX TXT SRV (advanced) NS (advanced)
For more information, see the following articles:

What is the procedure for adding custom DNS records?
Custom DNS records can be edited or deleted.

DNS propagation

After you’ve uploaded your own DNS records, you’ll need to update them online. This can take a long time. For further information, see the following DNS propagation articles: – A well-known website that verifies DNS records all around the world.
Using GreggHost’s DNS propagation checker in the panel to view your GreggHost DNS entries.


This section contains a list of your current Nameservers. To make changes to your Nameservers, click the Change button.

For more information, see the following article:

Overview of Nameservers
Editing non-editable DNS records
Some DNS entries, such as A, MX, and TXT records, cannot be modified or deleted. For additional information on how to amend these types of non-editable records, see the following article:

DNS records that can’t be changed