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Adding domains & subdomains FAQs

Adding domains & subdomains FAQs

domains & subdomains


This article is not applicable to GreggPress or Shared Starter hosting since the number of sites you can add is determined by the plan you choose. More information can be found here:


Is there a limit to how many domains/subdomains I can add to my panel?

No. With shared, VPS, or Dedicated Hosting, there is no restriction to how many domains/subdomains you can add to your GreggHost account.

If I add a domain, do I have to create a new directory?
You don’t have it.

Within fifteen minutes of adding the domain, a new directory (in the name of your domain) emerges in your user’s directory. You are not need to establish a new directory.

When someone visits your website, the GreggHost web server’s configuration files send them to the new directory. The panel inserts the appropriate lines to the necessary config files on the web server when you add a new domain and provide its directory. Additional than adding the domain to your panel, no other setting is required.

How much is it for an extra domain?

The only plans that offer an unlimited number of domains and subdomains are Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting.

If you want to host a completely new domain, you can do so using the Registrations page or any other domain registrar (although, remember that registration costs may vary).

Does an extra domain have to point to the same place as the original domain?

No, but if you want it to, it can.

It might either point to your current site or to a whole different directory. You get to choose where the domain points when you add it to your panel.

Does an extra domain get its own storage space, login, email aliases, and so on?

Your additional domain will receive its own email addresses.

You have the option of using the same username as your main domain or creating a new one. The user you designate to the domain stores all of the domain’s web files. Please keep in mind that the quantity of space available is determined by your hosting package. When purchasing a VPS plan, for example, you must specify how much disk space the customer will get.

More information on VPS plans can be found here:

What if I already have a registration at another company?

You can point your DNS to GreggHost if you already have a registration with another business. The name you’ve added hosting for will be hosted at GreggHost once the DNS is pointed to GreggHost. For more information on which DNS records you should point to, see the following article.

What GreggHost DNS records should I use for my website?