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Backup or restore your Dedicated site files

Backup or restore your Dedicated site files


Customers on dedicated servers are unable to restore a website backup via the management panel. All restores must be done with an admin user and the techniques listed below.

The commands below require SSH access as an Admin user. Before you can run the instructions below, you must first switch to the root user with sudo -s or sudo -i.

In the examples below, username is your Shell user, and is your website.

Restoring backups

The backups for Dedicated Servers are located in the server’s /mnt/backup directory.

$ cd /mnt/backup/home/username [server]
Rename the active directory of the website you want to restore to restore something from the most recent backup. Rename your site to, for example. This directory is located in the /home/username/ directory.
Make a new website folder that is empty. A blank folder named is utilized in this example.
To copy the files to this new blank folder, use rsync:
/mnt/backup/home/username/ /home/username/ [server]$ rsync -av /mnt/backup/home/username/ /home/username/

Restoring older backups

The snapshots can be found in the.zfs and snapshot directories if you need previous backups:


ls /mnt/backup/.zfs/snapshot# /mnt/backup/.zfs/snapshot
zfs-auto-snap daily-2016-03-11-16h18 zfs-auto-snap daily-2016-03-15-16h18 zfs-auto-snap daily-2016-03-18-16h18
zfs-auto-snap daily-2016-03-12-16h19 zfs-auto-snap daily-2016-03-16-16h18 zfs-auto-snap weekly-2016-03-06-16h18
zfs-auto-snap daily-2016-03-14-16h18 zfs-auto-snap daily-2016-03-17-16h18 zfs-auto-snap weekly-2016-03-13-16h18
To restore something from a snapshot, follow the steps above to change the directory of the website you want to restore, then create a new blank directory and execute rsync:

/mnt/backup/.zfs/snapshot/SNAPSHOTDIR/home/username/ [server]$ rsync -av /mnt/backup/.zfs/snapshot/SNAPSHOTDIR/home/username/
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