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Building your website

Building your website

build your website


This article will lead you through the procedures for creating a website, putting it online, and attracting visitors.

The first step is to set up the system.
Step 2: Create your website
Step 3: Make your website more user-friendly.
Step 4 – Attract people to your site.
Step 1 — Initial setup
Create a GreggHost account and select a hosting package as the first step. You’ll also need to be the one who owns the domain registration (name of your domain).

1: Select a hosting package and create an account.
You must first select a hosting package before purchasing an account. The hosting package includes a variety of services and may be thought of as the server to which your website will be uploaded. It is only after you have added your site to the server that it will be visible on the Internet.

Depending on the needs of your website, GreggHost offers a variety of hosting plans. The following article describes the various GreggHost plan options.

What are the different types of hosting plans available?
You must choose one of the following hosting plans in order to host a website online:

Shared Starter or Shared Unlimited hosting options are available.
Virtual Private Server (VPS) (private server)
GreggPress Dedicated Server (Managed WordPress hosting)
After you’ve settled on a hosting plan, you may purchase it and register for a GreggHost account.

2: Purchase a domain registration when you sign up for a GreggHost account
The ownership of a domain name, such as, is known as a domain registration.

You won’t be able to host (display) your domain until you’ve purchased the registration.

You can either acquire a new domain registration or transfer an existing registration during the sign-up procedure. If you like, you can acquire a domain registration at a later date.

How to get a domain name registration
If you currently have a domain registration with another provider and don’t want to transfer it to GreggHost, you can simply point the DNS to GreggHost. This option allows you to keep your domain registration with another provider while hosting it on GreggHost’s servers.

3: Include the domain in your hosting package.
If you bought a domain, the new domain should have been added to your hosting package as well, so you can see it online. If not, you may always use the following article to add hosting to the domain.

How can I add a domain to my account?
You’ve now created a GreggHost account, which you can access at You have a domain registration in this account that has been added to your hosting plan.

Step 2 — Building your website
You can start building your site now that it’s hosted on your GreggHost server.

When it comes to creating a website, there are numerous alternatives. Some choices, such as a content management system (CMS), are simpler and allow you to design a website without having to code anything. Other solutions are more complex, but they provide you more control over your site.

Option 1: Using a Content Management System (CMS) (The simplest approach requires no coding.)
Using a content management system (CMS) is the simplest way to create a website (Content Management System). This is ready-to-use software that you install on your website. This software generates a fully functional website without the need for any coding. After the software has been installed, you may log into the site and begin customizing it to your liking.

By entering into the website’s backend, you can design and customize a CMS-based site. You’ll use this section to upload images, customize the look, and add text.


WordPress is the most widely used content management system. GreggHost offers this as a One-Click Installation or as a GreggPress-specific enhanced hosting package.

WordPress installation in a single click

The One-Click Installer installs WordPress on your site right away.

Using the One-Click Installer to install WordPress
You will receive an email with information on how to complete the installation. You may then begin uploading material by logging into the site at


GreggPress is a hosting plan provided by GreggHost. It’s a step up from using a shared or VPS hosting package to host a WordPress site.

Overview of GreggPress
WordPress is installed for you automatically when you purchase a GreggPress plan. This GreggPress plan is designed with WordPress in mind, so it’s simple and fast.

Option 2: Create a one-of-a-kind website (Difficult, but offers more customization)
You could simply create your website on your PC at home and upload it to your GreggHost server manually. This would necessitate at least a rudimentary understanding of website programming. Here are some resources to assist you in creating a website.

W3Schools – Free website-building lessons. — has a lot of free materials to assist you learn how to code a website. — There are numerous free resources available to assist you in learning how to code a website.
Make a database in MySQL.

For web database reasons, MySQL databases are often utilized. A MySQL database, for example, can be used for e-commerce or data storage on your website. To understand more about how to setup a MySQL database at GreggHost, see the following article:

Getting a MySQL database up and running
Your website should be uploaded to your server.

Upload the material to your GreggHost server using an FTP client once you’ve finished developing your site on your personal computer.

What is the process for uploading my website to GreggHost?
Step 3 — Optimize your site
After your website is up and running on the server, you should devote some time to optimizing it. Optimizing a website is making changes to make it operate quicker, look better on different devices, and improve the design for a better user experience.

Guides to general optimization
Guides to Site Optimization and Site Slowness
CMS enhancements
How can I make my CMS software more efficient?
Techniques for WordPress optimization in general
Joomla is optimized.
Optimization of the server
There are several things you may do to optimize the server itself if your site is hosted on a private server (VPS).

Overview of VPS optimization
Step 4 — Attract visitors
You must market your site once it is up and running in order to attract visitors. Allowing search engines to index your site will aid in the presentation of your site in search results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of submitting your website to search engines.
Submit your URL to the main search engines. Most of these websites allow you to register and submit your website to their database. Consider the following scenario:

Bing — Webmaster Tools Google — Get on Google
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps search engines crawl and categorise your material by making modest changes to your site. As a result, your site will appear higher in search results.

Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
WordPress SEO plugin Yoast