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Change password (Website users)

Change password (Website users)


There are three distinct categories of website users that you can establish.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) (not recommended)
SFTP \sShell
These users are used to access your website files by logging into the server. This is not the same as the username you use to enter into a CMS site that runs WordPress. Instead, look at the following post if you need to reset that user’s password.

Change password (3rd party applications)
On the FTP Users & Files tab, you can change the password for all types.

Changing your website user’s password

To update your user’s password in the panel, follow these steps:

To get started, go to the FTP Users & Files page.
manage users and display data
To open the user’s settings box, click the ‘Show Info’ down arrow next to your hostname.
2019-11 panel new manage users 02.fw.png
Reset your password by clicking the Reset Password link.
You’ll be prompted to enter a password in the dialog box below:
manage-users-sftp-new-pw-june-2020 01.fw.png
To see the password, hover your mouse over the eye icon:
manage-users-sftp-new-pw-june-2020 02.fw.png
To reset a password, enter it and then click the Reset Password button.
The following message shows if the password you supplied is detected in the haveibeenpwned database:

manage-users-sftp-new-pw-june-2020 04.fw.png
manage-users-sftp-new-pw-june-2020 03.fw.png
Before continuing, you must create a new password. See Is it possible that I’ve been pwned for further information?

Enter a new password if necessary.
The progress bar that shows is as follows:
manage-users-sftp-new-pw-june-2020 05.fw.png
The following notice occurs once the password has been successfully updated: