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Changing the user assigned to a domain

Changing the user assigned to a domain


When you first add a domain as Fully Hosted to your panel, you must give it a username. This is the domain’s allocated username on the server. It’s the same username you use to FTP or SSH into your account.

You may need to replace this user at some point. This article will show you how to modify your domain’s username.

Changing your domain’s username
Go to the Manage Domains section.
User of a website
Click the Edit link to the right of your domain.
User of a website
Click the dropdown menu under the heading Users, Files, and Paths.
Select the username you want to use to manage this domain from the drop-down menu.
User of a website
Following the selection of the new user, a checkbox labelled Move files to the new user? appears. If this option is enabled, all files belonging to the current user will be copied to the new user. This is most likely what you want. The only time you should uncheck that option is if you want the new user to start with a clean slate in the domain.
To save your changes, scroll down and click the Change settings button.
Depending on how much data you want to migrate, copying files to the new user may take some time.