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Checking where your Nameservers are pointed

Checking where your Nameservers are pointed


This post will show you how to find out where your Nameservers are. View the following article for an outline of what Nameservers are.

Overview of Nameservers

Checking where your nameservers are pointed

The following instructions will show you how to utilize the GreggHost DNS Propagation Checker, which can be found in the Manage Websites section.

Go to the Manage Websites section.
To the right of your domain, click the DNS button. When you access the DNS page, the DNS Propagation Checker is launched immediately.
To see the findings, click the DNS Checker button.
Select specific records to verify from the Enter Host dropdown, and then select the record type to check from the Select record for checking option.


Below is a list of DNS servers from around the world, as well as a map. If the Nameservers are pointed to the following entries, all of your DNS records are hosted at GreggHost.

Green checkmark check or red X close

The DNS has been updated in certain areas, as indicated by a green checkmark. If you see a single red X, it signifies there’s a problem with the DNS server that’s being used at that particular address.

If you notice many red Xs, one of two things is happening.

You have not configured DNS yet at the company where your domain is registered

You have updated your DNS settings, but they are still propagating online
The parts that follow explain how to resolve these two problems.

You haven’t set up DNS at the firm where you registered your domain yet.
Your website’s name must first be registered. You can register the domain with whichever firm you like, but you’ll need to log into that company to change your Nameservers.

You can configure your Nameservers in the GreggHost panel, for example, if you registered the domain with GreggHost.

Changing your GreggHost nameservers
If you registered the domain with another firm, you’ll need to alter your Nameservers through that company’s panel. This article includes links to many articles on how to do so from major hosting companies.

How can I update my existing host’s nameservers?

You have updated your DNS settings, but they are still propagating online

It may take 24-72 hours for the Nameservers to fully update online if you have updated them. DNS propagation is the term for this process. This is explained in further depth in the following article.

Propagation of DNS records
You’ll see red Xs in the results above while the DNS is updating online. Once everything has been updated, they will become green.

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