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Child Pornography

Child Pornography


Sexual exploitation of minors (including child pornography) is illegal in the United States and is expressly prohibited by GreggHost’s Terms of Service.

GreggHost’s rules
In connection with GreggHost services, GreggHost does not accept child exploitation (including the distribution, acquisition, or storage of child pornography). Offenders will be reported to law enforcement officials right away.

Reporting child pornography to GreggHost
If you come across child pornography (or any other type of sexual exploitation of minors), please inform GreggHost right away. You should also contact law enforcement, either directly or through the NCMEC, as explained below.

The following are some frequently asked questions and misunderstandings about GreggHost’s child exploitation and pornography rules.

What is the definition of child pornography?
Under US Federal law, everything that depicts minors (children under the age of 18) participating in sexual acts or posing in a sexually suggestive manner is considered child pornography (cite: United States v. Knox). Because real children must be depicted, it is not prohibited to use drawings or written fictional narratives.

In any event, GreggHost would appreciate being told if a certain instance appears to be on the edge.

Why is that website still up and running?
People may occasionally discover that blatantly unlawful sites reported to GreggHost remain online for an extended period of time.

While GreggHost realizes that such sites remaining online for any period of time is disgusting, GreggHost’s primary concern is the real harm that child pornography causes—the maltreatment of the children depicted. Law enforcement, notably the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is likewise concerned about it (FBI). As a result, we are frequently asked to keep such sites up and running during the investigation process, as this considerably aids in catching and prosecuting the offenders involved.

GreggHost is unable to comment on what is happening behind the scenes owing to the nature of such inquiries. If you want to be certain that the case is handled properly, you can file a formal complaint with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which can be found here:
They have formal relationships with a number of law enforcement agencies (including the FBI) and will forward your complaint to the appropriate authorities.

Any relevant URLs, such as direct links to illicit photos or pages hosting such images, should be included.