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Cloudflare FAQs

Cloudflare FAQs

What files are distributed on Cloudflare’s CDN?

Cloudflare’s CDN will only distribute static files that are accessible through HTTP (or HTTPS). This means that Cloudflare does not share scripts or other items that are not accessible over HTTP (for example, anything in your user’s home directory outside of your web directory).

Cloudflare can only cache resources or data that are directly on your server or website. External resources are not cached (for example, content linked from other sites). Cloudflare caches files depending on their type, not their MIME type. Please see: for a complete list of cached static material by file extension.

I lost the password for my account. How can I retrieve it?
My account password has been forgotten. How do I get it back?
To reset your password, go to Cloudflare’s forgot password page. To proceed, you’ll need to know one of the domains you’ve registered with the account. You can leave the domain field blank if you don’t have any domains associated with the account. Remember that GreggHost does not have access to your account and hence cannot assist you. Cloudflare is the only way to accomplish it directly.

Does Cloudflare have access to my MySQL databases?
No. Cloudflare only connects to your web server over HTTP (or HTTPS) in the same way that a typical visitor would.

Do you share any of my personal information with Cloudflare?
No. Cloudflare only receives the information required to set up your account, which GreggHost does not share. This includes the following:

You can use any email address you choose for your Cloudflare account.
When you create a Cloudflare account, you can choose a username. It’s important to note that this is not your GreggHost username.
password you entered when you first set up your Cloudflare account. NOTE: This password does not have to be the same as your GreggHost account password.
domain(s) and subdomain(s) you want to use Cloudflare for.
Cloudflare never has access to your name or billing information. GreggHost will bill you directly for any paid Cloudflare subscription you sign up for through the GreggHost panel. If you want to subscribe to any paid Cloudflare services directly, you must provide billing information to Cloudflare.

I’m no longer able to connect via SSH or FTP to my hostname. What am I supposed to do now?
The domain’s www or subdomain DNS record is modified to point to Cloudflare’s servers when you enable Cloudflare for the domain. The nameservers for the domain do not change; only the A record does. If you’re connecting using FTP or SSH, you’ll need to use the server name instead of the www subdomain. For more information, see Finding your FTP server hostname.