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Cloudflare technologies available in the panel

Cloudflare technologies available in the panel


GreggHost gives the possibility to install special Cloudflare technologies capabilities right within your DreamHost Panel as a “Optimized Hosting Partner.”

If you have enabled the Cloudflare Plus plan on your domain, the following options will show. For instructions on how to enable Cloudflare, see the following article:

How to make Cloudflare work for your website
Polish Polish improves your site’s photos automatically. When Polish is enabled, Cloudflare automatically optimizes any image it caches, and only the optimized image is served from the cache. This is especially useful for viewing content on mobile devices with low bandwidth. Only the following picture file extensions will function with Polish:

.jpeg \s.png \s.gif \s.img
Polish is only accessible at DreamHost and Cloudflare for paid Cloudflare subscriptions. In the Polish panel, there are three options:

cloudflare polish.png
Polish is disabled for the domain when it is set to off.
Removes any extraneous data such as metadata and picture headers without affecting the image itself, often known as “lossless mode.” According to Cloudflare, this has no effect on the image’s appearance and typically reduces it by about 21%. PNG, GIF, and JPEG files have their metadata stripped out. Lossless compression is also applied to PNG and GIF files.
JPG + Basic
According to Cloudflare tests, “lossy mode” removes the same unneeded data as basic mode, but it also compresses and transforms huge JPEG images, resulting in a 48 percent file reduction. Although image compression alters the image, most modifications are undetectable to the ordinary visitor.
Make sure to properly clean your Cloudflare cache before activating Polish. Please check the clearing the cache article for advice on how to do this.

Mirage is a technology that optimizes the performance of your website by automatically managing picture loading. Mirage accomplishes this by adapting to how your users access your site and prioritizes picture loading based on the visitor’s browser window size and other criteria.

This eliminates the need for visitors to download images and other data that they aren’t actively consuming, which enhances your site’s overall performance. Mirage is especially useful for mobile devices, and you can learn more about it on Cloudflare’s blog: Mirage.
Only the following picture file extensions will function with Mirage:

.jpeg \s.png \s.gif \s.img
Mirage is only available to DreamHost and Cloudflare customers that have paid Cloudflare subscriptions.

cloudflare mirage.png
Simply select or uncheck the ‘Enable Cloudflare Mirage?’ check box to enable or disable Mirage.
Lazy Loading
Using the same technology as Mirage, Cloudflare can delay the loading of images until they are absolutely necessary.

cloudflare lazy loading.png
Simply select or uncheck the ‘Enable Lazy Loading?’ check box to enable or disable Lazy Loading.