Contacting GreggHost via email

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Contacting GreggHost via email

Contacting GreggHost via email



Email correspondence through your panel is the primary method of contacting assistance. Support can answer most of your inquiries and give you with links, examples, and other resources to help you diagnose a problem you’re having.

Creating a troubleshooting ticket

If you are unable to access your account, you must contact assistance via the online contact form:
Select an option from the dropdown menu. I’m unable to access my GreggHost account.

Go to the Contact Support section of the website.
support-panel-jul2020 01.fw.png
At the top of the page, you’ll see the following options:

Opens a support ticket when you click Contact Support.
Knowledge Base — Looks for information about your problem in the GreggHost knowledge base.
Forums — This button accesses the GreggHost user forums.
Select the Contact Support option from the drop-down menu.
support-panel-jul2020 03.fw.png
When you’re finished, type a detailed title and message that outlines your problem, and then click the Submit a ticket button.
When emailing GreggHost support, keep the following in mind:

Include your domain name at all times (website name).
Domain problems — Describe the problem in full. Include as much precise facts as possible so that assistance can quickly identify the problem.
Troubles with email – Include the email address with which you’re having issues.
If you’re having trouble logging in, send us your username and the last two characters of your password so we can check if your credentials are right.
Issues with databases — Confirm which databases are having problems.
Billing — Include which credit card was used, the dates, the amount, and any other relevant information.
Include the address of the material in question if you’re reporting abuse.
Please keep in mind that support aims to respond to all emails within 24 hours, and most are responded to in much less time.

Please use this contact form if you do not already have an account with GreggHost.

Files to attach

You must submit your ticket in your GreggHost panel if you want to attach an image or file to your support request. You can upload an attachment on the last page of the submission procedure.

Attachments aren’t allowed to be sent by email. If the ticket is not submitted through the panel, the GreggHost system removes all attachments.

If you already have a GreggHost account, you can FTP the file to your GreggHost server. Make careful to specify where you uploaded the file when submitting your ticket.

If you are not yet a customer or are unable to utilize FTP to upload a file, there are a number of free web services that will allow you to do so. The file can then be linked to GreggHost support. The following is a list of sites that you can use to connect a file:

Your Google Drive user name and password
Imgur \sTinyPic \sImageShack \sSendSpace