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Contacting GreggHost via fax and snailmail

Contacting GreggHost via fax and snailmail


SnailMail Technical support requests are only accepted by email or the Panel (if you have an account). Support is unable to respond to enquiries sent through the United States Postal Service.
GreggHost billing address
Please remember to include your GreggHost account number on any checks or money orders you send.

GreggHost billing address: GreggHost Attn: Payments PMB #257 417 Associated Rd. Brea, CA 92821 USA Fax: 714-671-9098 GreggHost fax number:
If you are unable to contact GreggHost via email or if you need to submit papers, use this fax number.

For technical or customer assistance, the fax should not be used. It should only be utilized if GreggHost requests that you fax something to them.

Please include one of the following when sending a fax:

Customers of GreggHost: WebID Account ID Email address
URL of the website
Customers that are not GreggHost customers:
Contact information via email
URL of the website
Please send your fax to the above-mentioned fax number after marking it with one of the above-mentioned conditions.