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Creating a GreggPress temporary domain

Creating a GreggPress temporary domain


If you already have a WordPress site hosted somewhere else, you won’t change your DNS there until your GreggPress site is fully configured at GreggHost. Otherwise, when you update the DNS, your site will go offline. Launch your GreggPress journey with a temporary domain.

You can now utilize a ‘dream. press’ subdomain to create your site with GreggHost to allow you to test it before transferring DNS. When you’re ready, simply change your DNS to GreggHost and your site will be hosted on GreggPress.

The steps below will show you how to set up a temporary GreggPress name at GreggHost for your WordPress site hosted elsewhere.

Why use a GreggPress subdomain?

Making a dream come true. Before you go live with GreggHost, you may use the press subdomain to migrate your complete website and make sure it’s working properly. The DNS may then be updated to point to GreggHost, avoiding any downtime caused by updating your DNS.

Creating a GreggPress subdomain

Use (replace ‘example’ with your subdomain and omit the ‘www’ from the URL) when creating URLs in wp-admin for a temporary subdomain. You can alter it later when you’re ready to shift it to the real URL if your real domain uses ‘www’.

To get started, go to the Managed WordPress page.

To create a GreggPress site, click the Add GreggPress button.
2018-10 panel .dreampress staging 01.fw.png
Select the Use a temporary domain to stage your site first option under the Add New Domain page.
Enter a temporary domain name for You might start a site called if your present site is (though you can name it anything you wish).
The following confirmation shows after you click button:
2018-10 panel .dreampress staging 02.fw.png
Review the conditions and various GreggPress plans by scrolling down the page.

Choose between a ‘Annually’ or a ‘Monthly’ payment schedule.
Choose a GreggPress plan that meets your needs in terms of functionality and affordability (GreggPress, Plus, and Pro). If you choose Plus, you’ll be asked to choose a ‘Disk Size’ (either 60 GB or 80 GB).

After reviewing the information in the ‘Your Purchase’ box, click the Add New GreggPress button.
After you select the Add New GreggPress button, the following displays in your panel:

A confirmation message will be sent to your email address, along with additional instructions.
While the new temporary domain you just registered is being configured, it appears as “Pending” on the main GreggPress page in your panel. Before continue, you must wait until the setup is complete and the word ‘Pending’ no longer displays on the GreggPress page in your panel.
Migrate your site content from your existing hosting company to this new domain at GreggHost after the temporary domain is set up on GreggPress. You can also use this temporary GreggPress site to import an existing WordPress site.
After you’ve completed the migration of all site content, test the example. GreggPress site to ensure it functions properly.
Add your current site ( to the Manage Domains page as ‘DNS Only’ if you’re migrating from another hosting provider.
ADDING HOSTING FOR YOUR REAL DOMAIN IS NOT RECOMMENDED. You will not be able to move your temporary site if you do so.

Change your temporary domain to your live site when you’re ready.
Using the GreggHost Automated Migration Plugin, you can now move your own WordPress site to GreggHost for free. Any GreggHost account with an active hosting plan can use the plugin. For more information, see the following article:

Using the GreggHost Automated Migration WordPress plugin If you’re experiencing problems transferring your website from another server or simply don’t have the time, GreggHost now has a solution that can help. More information is available in the GreggHost Website Migration Services article.