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Custom MX Records panel page

Custom MX Records panel page


MX records determine where your domain’s emails are routed and delivered. This post will show you how to set up your MX records in your GreggHost control panel.

Before altering the MX records to direct mail to the new location, make sure the email addresses you wish to receive mail at are correctly set up and operating. Emails sent to you may bounce back to the sender or be lost if you modify the MX records before setting up those mail accounts, or if you make an error when changing the MX records.

Changing your MX records
To update the domain of your MX records, follow these steps:

To get started, go to the Custom MX page.
Users of Google Workspace

You’ll notice Google Workspace to the right of your domain if you’ve activated Google Workspace in the GreggHost panel. This indicates that your MX records have already been pointed to Google, which is where it is currently hosted.

If you bought Google Workspace through Google rather than GreggHost, you’ll need to set up custom MX records that point to Google, as illustrated below.

Click the Edit button to the right of your domain.
The following options appear, each of which is detailed in detail below.

Regular GreggHost Email
“Mail Mirror” in Google Workspace Email Addresses from a Different Domain
MX Records Made to Order
Emails from GreggHost on a regular basis
Change the mx record if the panel has changed your records to GreggHost. Regular GreggHost email is set by default. This implies that all MX and other mail DNS entries for GreggHost’s servers are established automatically.

The Manage Email page allows you to set up both fully hosted and forward-only email addresses for your domain.

Change the mx record if the panel is pointing your MX records away from GreggHost.
You’ll see a button labeled Make me regular now! if you’ve already pointed your MX records away from GreggHost in the panel. If you want the panel to remove your custom MX records and replace them with GreggHost, select this option.

Google Workspace
This option allows Google Workspace to be installed on your domain. When enabled, your email is stored on Google’s servers. For more information, see the following article.

Overview of Google Workspace
Mail Mirror
Mail Mirroring allows you to quickly build forwarding for an entire domain. For more information, see the following article.

What is a Mail Mirror, and how does it work?
Custom MX Records
For more information, see the following article.

Setting up custom MX records