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Deleting a website user and all of its data

Deleting a website user and all of its data


The username allocated to a domain is also referred to as a website’user.’ This is the username you use to update your site and log into the server using FTP or SSH. A user is allocated to each website, and you can change the user at any moment.

If you’ve changed the user of your site or deleted it from the panel, you can also delete the user from the server, which will remove all of the user’s data as well as any previous website data.
Before you delete a user
Before you delete a user, make sure you back up all of their data and make sure there are no websites associated with the person you want to delete.

All data is being backed up.
Log onto your server through FTP to back up any data under the user:

Overview of FTP
After you log in, save any files and folders you like to your home computer.

Ensure that the user does not have any websites assigned to them.
You can’t assign any websites to a user you want to delete. On the Manage Domains page, you may confirm this. Under the Web Hosting column, to the right of the domain, is the username:

username for a website

On this screen, you should not be able to find the username you’re about to delete. If you do, you’ll need to alter the user assigned to any remaining domains first. For additional information on how to make these changes to a user, see the following article:

Changing a domain’s allocated user
Deleting a user
You can now delete the user from the server after backing up all of the website data and ensuring that no domain names have been given to the user.

The actions that follow will delete the user’s data from the server permanently. You won’t be able to recover any of this information once you’ve deleted it from the panel. Before continuing, make sure you’ve backed up all of the user’s data.

Go to the FTP Users and Files page.
Organize users provide details

To open the user’s settings box, click the ‘Show Info’ down arrow next to your hostname.
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