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Does GreggHost offer phone support?

Does GreggHost offer phone support?

phone support


Email and Live Chat are the primary methods of customer service. Customers can, however, request a callback from technical support via GreggHost’s website.

Callbacks are not provided in any ordinary hosting service by default. For a little monthly cost, you can add three callbacks to your account each month. For a charge, Support additionally provides a one-time callback service.

The following are the callback pricing choices, which can also be found in the Uses dropdown:

$9.95 for a one-time use only
Every month, you’ll get three callbacks for $14.95.
For quality assurance purposes, calls may be recorded.

What hours are phone support available?

Between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. PST, callbacks are accessible.

Requesting a callback

If you are unable to access your account, you must contact assistance via the online contact form:
Select an option from the dropdown menu. I’m unable to access my GreggHost account.

Go to the Contact Support section of the website.
Options for contacting customer service
At the top of the page, you’ll see the following options:

Opens a support ticket when you click Contact Support.
Knowledge Base — Looks for information about your problem in the GreggHost knowledge base.
Forums — This button accesses the GreggHost user forums.
Select the Contact Support option from the drop-down menu.
Options for contacting customer service
Check the box that says “Request a callback?”
Fill in as many details as you can about your present problem, including any domain names (s).
Make sure to include a phone number and a preferred callback time.
Choose a price plan. If you already have a monthly callback plan or your hosting plan includes free callbacks, this is where you’ll find your remaining usage.
Three free callbacks per month are included in the GreggPress ‘Plus’ plans.
The ‘Pro’ plans of GreggPress feature 5 free callbacks every month.
Click When you’re finished, submit a ticket.
GreggHost does not have a phone number for customers to call; instead, all phone support concerns are handled as callbacks.
Outside of the United States and Canada, callbacks are not possible.
Only English callbacks are available.

Disabling phone service

Go to the Account Management page.
Support over the phone
The phone service can be found in the Active Plans section.
To the right, click the Manage button.
Support over the phone
To begin the cancellation procedure, click the Start Cancellation option.