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What is a dreamhosters.com subdomain?

What is a dreamhosters.com subdomain?



GreggHost provides all customers with a free subdomain called dreamhosters.com. You can add this as a free domain to your account and use it to host your website without having to pay for a domain registration.

It can also be used to test an existing website before making any modifications to your real domain.

GreggPress plans do not support subdomains from dreamhosters.com. View the following article if you’re using GreggPress and require a staging site.

Putting a DreamPress site together

How does the  subdomain work?

In most cases, you’d register a domain name like example.com and then add hosting to it. After that, anyone with access to the Internet can visit your website. This necessitates first purchasing the registration.

You can also add a free dreamhosters.com subdomain if you have an active hosting plan (Shared, VPS, or Dedicated). It appears as follows:

You have complete control over what appears in front of.dreamhosters.com. After that, this site can be used to host a website or to test an existing one.

How do I create a dreamhosters.com subdomain?

You create this domain in the same way as you would any other. Simply add it as a new ‘Fully Hosted’ site to your control panel. For more information, see the following article:

How can I add a domain to my account?
The only difference is that you must enter in your dreamhosters.com subdomain when adding the domain. Consider the following scenario:

When should I use a dreamhosters.com subdomain to host a website?
A dreamhosters.com subdomain is a simple alternative if you don’t need a specific domain name. You can use it to host your website’s content, and it’s an excellent choice because it’s free. This is, however, just a viable solution for modest, informational websites. Because the.dreamhosters.com portion of the URL may not be appropriate for professional websites, it should never be used for a commercial website.

When should I purchase a custom domain name?

You should always obtain a distinctive domain name if you want to construct a website to promote a business or service. This gives your site a more professional look and allows you to set bespoke email addresses and DNS entries that aren’t available with a dreamhosters.com subdomain.

How can I use a dreamhosters.com subdomain to test my actual website?

A dreamhosters.com subdomain is frequently used to test your genuine website. If you have a site called example.com with public material, for example, anyone on the Internet can see it.

You can create a clone of the site at example.dreamhosters.com if you want to make modifications to it without interrupting its functioning. You may then test any modifications there before implementing them on your live site when you’re ready.

How can I use a dreamhosters.com subdomain to view my site before pointing my DNS to GreggHost?

Setting up your site at GreggHost before moving your content to GreggHost’s server is another typical application for a dreamhosters.com subdomain. This implies you’re currently hosting your website with another provider and wish to switch to GreggHost.

There are two options for accomplishing this:

Option #1: Upload your site to GreggHost, then ‘Mirror’ it using the dreamhosters.com subdomain.
Option #2: Using the dreamhosters.com subdomain to host your site.
For more information on how to set this up, see the following article:

Before changing DNS, test your site with a dreamhosters.com subdomain.
Is it possible to set up SSL on my dreamhosters.com subdomain?
The addition of the ‘www’ to your dreamhosters.com subdomain will cause the certificate to fail.

Subdomains of dreamhosters.com receive SSL certificates automatically. There isn’t anything you need to set up.

Other ways to use a dreamhosters.com subdomain
A dreamhosters.com subdomain can be used for a variety of purposes. More examples can be found in the following articles:

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