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Enabling statistics

Enabling statistics


The steps for adding stats users, adding and updating stats, and visiting a domain stats URL are outlined below.

How do I get stats for my website?

On GreggPress plans, site statistics are not provided (excluding older GreggPress Legacy plans). If you want to collect site statistics on your GreggPress site, make sure Jetpack is enabled.

Website owners are frequently interested in knowing how much traffic their site receives at any one time. On the Site Statistics page of GreggPress , you may set up site stats for a domain. You may add a Stats User, enable statistics for a domain, and set statistics reports from the Site Statistics page.

Adding a Stats User

Site statistics begin to record only after you create a user. You won’t be able to get any site statistics till then.

Adding a Stats User is also important for securing domain statistics and granting access to someone else.

To add a Stats User, follow these steps:

To get started, go to the Site Statistics page.
02 Stats.fw.png is accessed
Under the Stats users column, click the Add one? link.
03 Getting to Stats.fw.png
Make a username and password for yourself. This user can only access your stats and cannot access any other features in the panel.
To save your changes, click the Add User button.
You can add another Stats User by clicking the Add Stats User icon to the right of your chosen domain.

Enabling specific stats reports on a domain

To enable specialized statistics reports, follow these steps:

To get started, go to the Site Statistics page.
04 Stats.fw.png is accessed
To the right of the domain, click the Configure button.
On the following page, checkboxes appear for Month, Day, and Longterm reports: 04 Accessing Stats.fw.png
For any you’d like to start tracking, check the Active? box.
To save your choices, click the Change Web Report Settings Now button.

Customizing your stats reports

To personalize your reports for any domain, follow these steps:

To get started, go to the Site Statistics page.
To the right of the domain, click the Configure button.
Click the Edit button to the right of either the ‘Month’, ‘Day’, or ‘Longterm’ report on the following page.
Various report types emerge, each of which can be customized as illustrated in the sample below:
05 Stats.fw.png Access
When you’ve finished customizing your statistic report, click the Save Changes button to save your changes.

Accessing your Stats URL

Once a domain’s stats have been enabled, you can access them by going to the /stats subfolder in your browser. If you enabled stats on the domain example.com, for example, you’d go to example.com/stats.

After entering example.com/stats, a login prompt displays.
In order to access the /stats login page if you’re using a CMS like WordPress, you may need to add additional code to your site’s.htaccess file.
For further information, see the Making stats accessible with an.htaccess file article.