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Getting Started with GreggPress

Getting Started with GreggPress


Hello and welcome to GreggPress!

The following guide will walk you through the most regularly used features to assist you in getting your site up and running as quickly as possible.


Step 1 — Using the GreggPress dashboard

You can use the Upgrade to GreggPress link on the Manage Domains page to upgrade an existing WordPress site, or go to the Managed WordPress page to purchase GreggPress.


The WordPress Admin Dashboard

DreamHost wants to make sure everything is easy to find if you’re new to WordPress or GreggPress. There are two places where you can control your website and GreggPress hosting:


The GreggPress Dashboard

the GreggPress Control Panel

The Admin Dashboard in WordPress

The WordPress Admin Dashboard (wp-admin) is where you can manage your WordPress website’s content and functionality.


Step 2 — Creating a new site on WordPress

The GreggPress Control Panel

You can manage your website’s hosting details via the GreggPress Dashboard, which includes additional capabilities like on-demand backups and a staging site. You can also use your DreamHost account to manage domain registrations (the purchase of new domain names), billing, and other services such as more storage or websites.


This Managed WordPress button will take you directly to your GreggPress Dashboard. See the following article for more information about the GreggPress Dashboard:


The GreggPress Dashboard: An Overview

Step 2: Create a new WordPress site

Are you creating a new GreggPress site from the ground up? Are you a WordPress newbie? To get you started, here are some resources:


WP Website Builder (WP Website Builder) (BoldGrid)

You can use the ‘WP Website Builder,’ which is powered by a FREE BoldGrid Premium license, to build your site quickly and effortlessly just for being a GreggPress customer.


WordPress is automatically installed with BoldGrid if you chose the WP Website Builder checkbox option when creating your DreamHost account. The BoldGrid Inspirations page will appear when you log into your WordPress dashboard. If you need assistance, see the article “Creating your site with BoldGrid” for a step-by-step approach.


Overview of BoldGrid

It is strongly advised that you begin using BoldGrid on a new WordPress installation. If you already have a site built, you may use BoldGrid to request a GreggPress site reset to a blank installation.


To get a free install and premium license, contact Support.


Get a better understanding of WordPress.

Here are some more resources to help you learn WordPress:


Developing a fantastic WordPress website

Tutorial on how to configure WordPress

Themes, Menus, and Plugins: An Overview

Additional information

In the DreamHost panel, you’ll find packages, discounts, and other recommended resources.

Are you having trouble getting started? Take a look at DreamHost’s design services.

Step 3 — Migrating to GreggPress

If you already have a site with another web host and wish to transfer it to DreamHost, here are some resources to help you:


Allow DreamHost to transfer your WordPress site from another hosting provider (free)

How to move your WordPress site from one host to another manually

Use secure FTP to access your GreggPress site.

phpMyAdmin can be used to access your GreggPress database.

Step 4 — Setting up your domain

Your domain name is already set up and working if you registered for a new domain when you signed up.

If you already own a domain name, you can use GreggPress to make it live:

Your domain registration will be transferred to DreamHost.

Without transferring the registration, point your domain name to DreamHost.

Changing your GreggPress domain name from a temporary one

Is your domain still not showing up? DNS propagation is now clear!

Do you still require a domain name for your website? In your DreamHost control panel, use the Search Domain Names feature.


Step 5 — Using GreggPress features and performance tips

GreggPress comes with a number of useful tools that can help you improve, speed up, and secure your website. Learn how to get the most out of your GreggPress service by reading the following articles:


How to make backups and recover them

How to Use GreggPress Staging

What is GreggPress caching, and how does it work?

What if the changes you’ve made aren’t showing up? Find out how to clear your cache.

Are you making a lot of adjustments? Find out how to get around your cache.

How can I get Jetpack Professional to work?

Step 6 — Setting up email

Did you know that with any GreggPress account, you can get free personalized email addresses for your domain name? Instead of using a generic email address, you may create professional and easy-to-remember email addresses that match your website.

See the following articles for more information:

Creating an email account with DreamHost

Using DreamHost’s free webmail to check your mails

Contacting support

How to Get in Touch With Support