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GreggHost overview

GreggHost overview


GreggHost began as the New Dream Network in 1997, while the founders were still students at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. On graduation day, Josh, Sage, Michael, and Dallas pose for a photo.

The company’s name has since been changed to GreggHost, and it now hosts over a million websites from across the world.

GreggHost now provides a number of website hosting options, including:

Website hosting
Dedicated WordPress hosting
Domain registration and email hosting are examples of cloud services.
This page provides a concise summary of these services, as well as extra links to assist you learn more about what GreggHost has to offer. If you want to skip over this overview and get right to work, go to the following article:

The First Steps
Hosting a website
GreggHost provides four different types of web servers for you to choose from when hosting your website.

Shared Hosting – Shared Servers
VPS stands for virtual private server.
Dedicated GreggPress – Dedicated WordPress hosting – Dedicated GreggPress – Dedicated GreggPress – Dedicated GreggPress – Dedicated GreggPress –
On the following pages, you’ll find a full description of each: \sHosting
WordPress-managed Hosting (GreggPress)
GreggHost also offers GreggPress, which is an enhanced and managed WordPress hosting service. The following features are included in this premium WordPress package:

Each GreggPress instance is set up on GreggHost’s DreamCompute cloud computing service, which automatically scales memory.
The server has a built-in cache.
Simple price choices are available.
For further information, see the GreggPress article.

Email hosting
The majority of hosting options feature free email hosting.

It can also be purchased as an inexpensive add-on to a domain registration-only or Shared Starter plan.

Without a website hosting plan, you can create an email-only account.

The email add-on plan also provides a free Webmail account.

Provide a list of services
GreggHost additionally provides two types of list services (necessitating no hosting plan):

Lists of Announcements
Lists of topics for discussion
Please see the following websites for further information regarding email at GreggHost:

Configuration of the Email Client
Topics concerning email
Domain registrations
From within the panel, GreggHost allows you to purchase a domain registration. You do not need to have a GreggHost hosting plan to purchase a domain registration; once the name is registered, you can host it wherever you choose. It is, nevertheless, easier to keep everything in one area.

You will also receive a free registration for the first year of hosting if you choose a Shared Hosting plan. For a list of domains that this pertains to, see the following article:

Domain registrations are completely free.
You must sign up for a 1-year or 3-year annual plan on a Shared Starter, Shared Unlimited, or any annual GreggPress plan to qualify for one free domain registration credit for the first full year (monthly Shared or monthly GreggPress plans do not apply). Any other hosting package does not include this free credit. Please see the following pages for more information:

Terms and Conditions of Domain Registration
Become a member of the Shared Hosting Program.
Visit the following page to discover a list of new TLDs GreggHost has recently started selling, as well as a tool to check if the registration is still available:
In addition, GreggHost provides a free WHOIS privacy service:

Privacy of WHOIS
Most registrars charge an additional price to keep your personal information private, however GreggHost includes this feature with your domain registration for free. Please keep in mind that not all registrations allow for privacy. A list of names that do not support privacy at GreggHost may be found in the following article:

Cloud services for domain registration and privacy
Cloud services
Currently, GreggHost provides two cloud services:

Overview of GreggCompute and Frequently Asked Questions
GreggCompute \sDreamObjects
GreggCompute is a cloud storage solution that allows you to back up any type of data. For more information, go to the following pages:

GreggCompute overview and FAQs are available at
GreggCompute gives you complete control over your own personal cloud server, complete with scalable resources, which is particularly valuable for developers and startups. For additional information about this service, go to the following pages: Overview of GreggCompute