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How can I create custom or vanity nameservers?

How can I create custom or vanity nameservers?


For domains registered with GreggHost, it is possible to set up custom/vanity nameservers. If your website’s domain name is, the nameservers are automatically assigned to:
You can update the nameservers to match your domain because your site is registered with GreggHost. As an illustration:
The DNS record’s name and the hosting firm to which it points are both modified when the nameservers are used. Create custom nameservers in your panel using the instructions below.

Creating custom nameservers using the DreamHost panel

Go to Registrations and fill out the necessary information.
Then, next to your domain registration, click the Whois Info option.
If you have several domain registrations, select the domain you want to edit from the Modify Whois? column and click the Modify Whois! button.
To change your nameservers, go to the Edit Whois page and click the Nameservers tab, then the radio option Use another host’s nameservers.
The nameservers in the following example have been modified to match the site
NS.png – 01 Vanity
To save, click Save Nameservers.
Errors in the IP address fields are indicated by the following message:
NS Error.png 02 Vanity
Enter the non-GreggHost IP address for each related vanity nameserver if these new nameservers are hosted by another organization. Use GreggHost’s Nameserver IPs if you want your new nameservers to be hosted by GreggHost.
To save, click Save Nameservers.
The nameservers are stored, as seen by a ‘Success!’ confirmation message: