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How can I manually backup my data?

How can I manually backup my data?


There are various manual techniques for backing up your account’s contents. The following is a list of the several backup and service options available:

Backing up via FTP

You might wish to back up your user manually if they have a lot of stuff. This is accomplished by FTP, which you may learn more about here: FTP.

FTP overview
You can then download your data after connecting with an FTP client. Please see the following article for instructions on how to pick the server data in the right pane and save it to your computer:

Obtaining files
To save time if you have a large amount of data, GreggHost recommends compressing the folders first and then downloading the contents. Logging into your web server as your SHELL user and manually zipping the directories accomplishes this. Please see the following article for instructions on how to log into your account via SSH:

Overview of SSH

Backing up your database

Backing up your databases can be done in a variety of ways. One method is to use the phpMyAdmin interface, which is the most straightforward way to do this task. The following article describes the different options for backing up the MySQL database:

MySQL is backed up.

Backing up email

You can manually backup your email using an email client. This is accomplished by using a mail client that has been set up to download mails from GreggHost servers to your local computer. The mails are then saved on the computer from where they were downloaded.

More information regarding email backup can be found here:

What is the best way to back up my email?