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How do I add a subdomain?

How do I add a subdomain?

add a subdomain


A domain or DNS record that is added to a major domain is known as a subdomain. If your primary domain is, you can add a subdomain called to it.

It’s a subdomain because of the ‘blog’ portion in front of the original domain. Because domains are read from right to left, this is the case. The three sections of are broken down as follows:

.com — This is an example of a top-level domain (TLD). — This is your personal blog with your own domain name. — This domain is a subdomain.

Two ways to add  subdomain

At GreggHost, there are two ways to add  subdomain.

It will have its own fully hosted subdomain, which means it will be its own distinct website.
This is merely a DNS record that points away from GreggHost.
Both strategies are explained in the following sections.

Option 1 — Adding a Fully Hosted subdomain

The process of adding a Fully Hosted subdomain is identical to that of adding a major domain. After you’ve added your major domain,, you may add  subdomain,, in the same way. The subdomain is automatically added to the Manage Domains page under the primary domain when you add it. This subdomain can then be used to host a new website.

Go to the Manage Domains section.
The page Manage Domains appears:
Add new domain.png
Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain by clicking the Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain button.
This page’s first section is titled Fully Hosted. This is where the new subdomain will be added.
In the DNS Only area, you cannot enter a subdomain.

Add new subdomain.png
Enter the name of the subdomain you want to host in the Domain to host: area. Add the subdomain, for example, if you want to ‘Fully Host’ the subdomain.
To save, click the button labeled “Fully host this domain.”
If you get an error message like this:

You can’t add that domain because you need to first add the parent domain to your account before you can add a subdomain.
This indicates that the primary domain has not yet been added to the system. Only after the parent domain has been created can a subdomain be created ( Even if you don’t plan on hosting the second level domain with GreggHost, this is required.

An IP address is assigned to the subdomain after it is set to Fully Hosted. If your nameservers aren’t hosted by GreggHost, your A records must point to this IP.

Instructions on how to view this new IP address can be found in the DNS article.

Option 2 — Adding a subdomain as a Custom DNS record

If your parent domain ( is hosted by GreggHost, but you want to host the subdomain ( elsewhere, you need create a ‘Custom DNS’ record instead. This allows you to point the subdomain’s IP address to a different hosting provider.

See the following article for instructions on how to create a custom DNS record for a ‘A Record.’ You’ll use the same procedure to create your subdomain.

How do I create a custom ‘A record’ for a subdomain?

Propagation time

Time for DNS propagation After the domain has been added, the DNS must propagate. This could take anywhere from 4-6 hours. To verify that the DNS has updated in your location, use one of the following links: – A well-known website that verifies DNS records all around the world.
Using GreggHost’s DNS propagation checker in the panel to view your GreggHost DNS entries.

Can I add an email for a subdomain?

Yes. After adding the subdomain to the Manage Domains page, go to the Manage Email area of your panel and complete the instructions outlined in the following article:

Adding an email address to your domain is a simple process.

Other options for your subdomain

GreggPress caching prevents a mirror of a GreggPress site from working in most circumstances.

The examples above demonstrate how to create a subdomain that is either fully hosted by GreggHost or refers to another hosting provider. At GreggHost, you can also use a subdomain in a few different ways. Consider the following scenario:

Redirect \sMirrored
For further information on how to customize these options, see the following articles:

What’s the best way to reroute my domain?
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