How Much Is My Website Bandwidth Usage If I Use CloudFlare?

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How Much Is My Website Bandwidth Usage If I Use CloudFlare?

How Much Is My Website Bandwidth Usage If I Use CloudFlare?


CloudFlare Bandwidth Feature

Because the CDN handles the heavy lifting, using a CDN like CloudFlare can save you a lot of bandwidth. If your site is protected by CloudFlare, determining your entire website bandwidth usage and “saving bandwidth” is simple.

bandwidth use on the Cloudflare website


Please take the following steps:

Go to your CloudFlare account and sign in.
Select the domain, then the *Analytics* tab, followed by the *Bandwidth* tab.
Select “Last month” from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner.
it utilization by Cloudflare
Check the *Bandwidth saved* portion of the *Performance* section. “Total Bandwidth” and “x TB saved” are displayed beneath the symbol. It was saved and cached by Cloudflare.
Total Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred through your website in the specified time period, a portion of which CloudFlare’s CDN “saves” for you by automatically caching your static files at their edge nodes so that these files are stored closer to your visitors while delivering your dynamic content directly from your web server.

Check out our tutorial on how to find cPanel bandwidth use if you’re using cPanel with your hosting provider.

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