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How to Find cPanel Bandwidth Usage

How to Find cPanel Bandwidth Usage

cPanel Bandwidth

Find Your cPanel Bandwidth Usage

cPanel is a popular online hosting control panel that makes it easy to manage your websites. This is something that a lot of shared WordPress providers do for their customers. Follow the instructions below to rapidly determine your cPanel bandwidth utilization. If you’re switching hosts and want to estimate rates depending on how much data your site needs on a monthly basis, this can be helpful. We have our own proprietary dashboard at GreggHosting, but we may need information from your prior host to determine which plan is best for you.

bandwidth utilization in Cpanel

How to Find cPanel Bandwidth Usage
1st step
You’ll need to find your cPanel login URL first. Typically, your hosting company will send you an email with this information. It’s usually accessible via your hosting provider’s dashboard as well. Below is an example from NameCheap.

namecheap cpanel link
Step 2: Example of a cPanel link at NameCheap
Then access your administrator dashboard by logging into cPanel.

Log in to your cpanel account.
Step 3: Log in to cPanel
On the sidebar, you can immediately see your current  bandwidth usage. However, go down and click on “Bandwidth,” which is under the Metrics section, to obtain more detailed statistics.

bandwidth in cpanel
cPanel bandwidth may be found here.
You can then receive a summary of your bandwidth usage for the previous 24 hours, week, and year.

bandwidth utilization in cpanel
Summary bandwidth use
Most hosts, on the other hand, will want to know your monthly bandwidth utilization in order to properly estimate your present usage and increase. You may view a breakdown of the last 12 months if you scroll down on that page. We suggest taking a screenshot of this data and emailing it to the person who requested it.

cpanel total bandwidth use by month
Total monthly bandwidth use in cPanel
If you’re using a CDN, this is something you’ll want to discuss with your hosting provider, since it may have an impact on the plan you need.

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