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How to Fix the MySQL 1064 Error (5 Methods)

How to Fix the MySQL 1064 Error (5 Methods)

MySQL 1064 Error

Fix the MySQL 1064 Error

You may have decided to dive into more advanced database management if you’ve been using WordPress for a time. This frequently necessitates the use of the MySQL command line, which might result in perplexing issues such as MySQL 1064 errors.

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Fortunately, while resolving this mistake can be perplexing at first due to the numerous possible reasons, the answers are usually straightforward. Once you’ve figured out what’s causing the database error, you should be able to solve it very fast.

We’ll go over the many causes of the MySQL 1064 issue in this post. Then, for each common scenario, we’ll discuss methods to assist you get your database and site back up and running.

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Why the MySQL 1064 Error Occurs

How to Resolve MySQL Error 1064 (5 Methods)
What Causes the MySQL 1064 Error?
A syntax problem causes the MySQL 1064 error. This suggests that MySQL doesn’t understand what you’re asking it to do, which is why there’s an issue. There are a variety of circumstances that can result in a miscommunication between you and your database.

The most common cause is that you typed a command incorrectly, and MySQL is unable to understand your request. Alternatively, you could be attempting to use unreadable instructions that are outdated or even obsolete.

You may have tried to use a reserved term’ in one of your commands in the past. In MySQL, reserved words are terminology that can only be used in certain situations. If you try to use them in other ways, you’ll get an error message.

It’s also conceivable that some data in your database is missing. When you use MySQL to send a request that refers to data that isn’t where it should be, you’ll get a 1064 error. Finally, moving your WordPress database to a different host can cause the same problem.

As you can see, there are numerous possible explanations for this issue, making it difficult to remedy. Unless you’re transferring your database or doing some other action that points to a specific reason, you’ll probably need to try a few different options before you find the one that works best for you. Fortunately, as we’ll see shortly, none of them are too difficult to perform.

You’re getting the MySQL 1064 Error, oh no… Don’t give up! Here are 5 tried-and-true techniques to have things fixed right away.

How to Fix the MySQL 1064 Error (5 Methods)

If you already know what’s causing your MySQL 1064 error, you may jump straight to the solution for your specific problem. If you’re not clear why the problem happened, the best technique is to start with the simplest solution.

In that situation, we recommend trying out the five most likely remedies in the sequence listed below.

1. Correct Commands That Weren’t Typed Correct Commands That Weren’t Typed
The benefit of MySQL typos is that they’re the most straightforward explanation for syntax difficulties like the 1064 error. Regrettably, they might be the most time-consuming to fix. In general, manually proofreading your code and looking for any mistakes you may have made is your best option.

While doing so, we recommend consulting the MySQL Manual and double-checking anything you’re unsure about. As you can expect, this can take a long time, especially if you’ve never used the MySQL command line before or if you’re new to the task.

Using a tool like EverSQL as an alternative to manually checking your work:

Error 1064 in MySQL: EverSQL syntax checker
Syntax checker for EverSQL
This solution allows you to simply enter your MySQL database and have it checked for faults automatically. Keep in mind, though, that these platforms aren’t always flawless, and you may want to double-check the results.

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2. Replace Commands That Are No Longer In Use
Some commands that were beneficial in the past are replaced by more efficient ones as platforms expand and change. MySQL is no different. It’s likely that one or more of your commands are no longer acceptable if you’re working on your database after a recent upgrade or have used an outdated source throughout your work.

The MySQL Reference Manual can help you figure out if this is the case. In the relevant sections, you’ll find mentions of commands that have been deprecated by each MySQL version:

MySQL 1064 Error: Obsolete commands must be manually removed
Removing obsolete commands by hand
Once you’ve figured out which command is causing the issue, simply use the ‘find and replace’ function to delete the old one and replace it with the new one. For example, if you were using storage engine and it stopped working, you could simply use the new default storage engine command to replace all instances.

3. Make a list of reserved words.
Using a reserved term out of context in MySQL will result in a syntax error because it will be misinterpreted. You can still use reserved words in whatever way you choose by enclosing them in backticks, like in this:’select’

Each MySQL version has its own set of reserved words, which may be found in the MySQL Reference Manual. If you suspect this is the source of your 1064 error, a fast search and replace should cure the problem.

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4. Fill in the blanks
You’re going to have trouble if your latest MySQL query tries to reference information in a database and can’t find it. If none of the preceding solutions solves your MySQL 1064 problem, it’s time to start hunting for missing data.

Unfortunately, this is another option that is time-consuming and must be completed by hand. In this circumstance, the best thing you can do is move backward, starting with your most recent question. Check each database it refers to to ensure it contains all of the necessary information. Then go to the next most recent query until you find the one that’s lacking some information.

5. Transfer WordPress Databases in Compatibility Mode
This last 1064 error solution is a little more complicated than the others on our list. If you’re transferring your WordPress site to a new host or otherwise moving it to a different server, you’ll need to take extra precautions to avoid database issues.

The simplest approach is to utilize a migrating plugin like WP Migrate DB: Compatibility Mode, which contains a compatibility mode.

WordPress plugin WP Migrate DB
This will allow an auto-detection feature, ensuring that your most recent site backup and database are compatible with numerous MySQL versions. Navigate to Tools > Migrate DB > Advanced Options: Compatibility Mode to access the compatibility mode setting.

Settings for WP Migrate DB
Before beginning your site conversion, make sure the box next to Compatible with previous versions of MySQL is checked. You should be able to avoid any problems during the process this manner.

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Database failures can throw a wrench in your plans and possibly jeopardize the stability of your website. Knowing how to fix problems like the MySQL 1064 error can help you react fast and keep your site up and running.

Depending on the most likely reason of the MySQL 1064 problem, you can try one of five approaches to resolve it:

Correct any commands that have been inputted incorrectly.
Replace any commands that are no longer in use.
Reserved words are those that have been designated as such.
Fill in the blanks.
In compatibility mode, transfer WordPress databases.
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