How to make changes to Cloudflare domains & subdomain ?

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How to make changes to Cloudflare domains, subdomains, and nameservers

How to make changes to Cloudflare domains, subdomains, and nameservers

Using Cloudflare with WWW or a subdomain

If you’re utilizing Cloudflare without a subdomain, you’ll need to select ‘Add WWW’ from the domain drop-down menu. This is a restriction imposed by Cloudflare while using GreggHost to use their service. You must purchase an account directly through Cloudflare’s website if you want to use Cloudflare without the www subdomain.

There is no need to update the domain hosting choices if your domain is already a subdomain, such as, and you may configure Cloudflare on

If your domain employs a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, this can cause problems because the application’s URL has changed. If you need to adjust your domain name to include WWW in the URL, you must also edit the URL in your application or code. Before enabling Cloudflare on the domain, it’s best to make the necessary changes to your CMS software or code.

For further information on how to change the URL of a WordPress site, see the Change WordPress Site URL article.

Using Cloudflare with subdomains
At this time, Cloudflare cannot be utilized with subdomains.

Using Cloudflare with external nameservers
Nameservers from GreggHost

The Cloudflare package you added to your GreggHost panel will immediately connect to your domain if your domain’s nameservers are directed to GreggHost.

Nameservers that aren’t GreggHost

Your domain’s DNS records are handled by a separate company if its nameservers are not directed to GreggHost. You must point your DNS to GreggHost using one of the following choices in order to use the Cloudflare subscription in your GreggHost panel:

Set your nameservers to this address (recommended)
Individual A Records should be pointed out.
The best solution is to point your nameservers to GreggHost, as this will direct ALL of your DNS records to them.

The only reason not to point your nameservers is if you need to continue hosting with another firm for certain services. In that situation, you’ll need to manually set up individual A records at the host that currently manages your domain’s nameservers. Check out the methods in the following article to see where your domain’s nameservers are directed.

Checking where your Nameservers are pointed
The IP addresses for your GreggHost domain can then be found using the information in the following article. These are the values you’ll use to set up A Records at the company where your nameservers are located.

What GreggHost DNS records should I use for my website?
You’ll need to make the A Records listed below.
Alternatively, if you’re using a subdomain:
It will take a few hours for the new DNS records to be updated online.

Overview of DNS propagation
Changing Cloudflare’s account 
Changes to the account can only be made within the primary domain ( Subdomains like are unable to update the Cloudflare account that has been given to them. For more information, see the following article:

How to make Cloudflare work for your website