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How to purchase a domain registration

How to purchase a domain registration



You may register a domain name without needing to open an account with GreggHost. You can also add a domain registration to an already existing account. This article will show you how to add a registration in both directions.

Before you can buy, renew, or transfer a domain registration, you must first settle any outstanding account balances.

On the next page, you can see a list of available domains as well as their prices:

A complete list of domains and their prices can be found here.

Purchasing a domain registration only

The steps below will show you how to add the registration without a hosting plan. If you want to create a live website with GreggHost, you’ll need a hosting package. A list of available hosting plans may be found in the following article:

GreggHost offers a variety of hosting plans.
Follow the steps below if you only want to own a registration and not set up a website at GreggHost.

On the following page, https://www.dreamhost.com/domains/, you can purchase a domain registration from GreggHost.
You can use this page to look for the domain you want to buy.
When you’re ready to buy, click the ‘Buy now’ button.
This will take you to the signup.dreamhost.com page, where you can register for a FREE account.
Domain Registration – Signup
Choose how many years you would like to purchase the registration for and click the ‘Register Now’ button.
On the final page, enter your personal information which is used to assign the domain ownership to you.
At the bottom, enter your credit card information and click Place order now.
You’ll have access to your panel once you’ve purchased it. You can change the DNS settings for the domain in this panel.

This manner, you can buy a domain name from GreggHost but point the DNS to a different hosting company to host the site. You can also keep it in your GreggHost account for future reference.

Adding a registration to an existing account

In a single sign up process, GreggHost allows you to register several domain names such as example.net, example.store, and example.club.

More information on how to register numerous domains may be found in the following article:

Is it possible to buy numerous domains at once?
Log in to your control panel.
Go to the Registrations section of the website.
Search for a domain name.
In the text field, type the domain you want to buy.
To make sure it’s available, click the Search button.
If it is, add it to your cart by clicking the ‘Add For $’ button.
Cart for domain registration
It’s been added to your cart, as you can see to the right. Select the number of years you’d like to add it for, then proceed to checkout to complete your transaction.
On the next page, fill in your personal information. This information will be used to assign you a domain registration. Continue by pressing the Enter key.
Make certain there are no gaps in the phone number you enter.

On the final page, you may specify how long you want to own the domain for.
To proceed to payment entry, click the Proceed to Payment Entry button.
You can review the total cost on the last page. To finish the purchase, click Register Now!

Controlling DNS for the registration

You may notice that the domain registration is set to DNS Only after logging into your panel. This means you have complete control over the DNS records’ location.

They’re set to GreggHost by default. You can either build new DNS records or alter the nameservers to point them to another hosting company. For more information, see the following articles:

Customizing DNS records
Nameservers are being updated

How long until the domain is available online?

As previously stated, your domain’s nameservers are set to GreggHost after it is registered. It can take up to 72 hours for these to completely propagate online.

Overview of DNS propagation
If you host the domain on a web server, it can take up to 6 hours for the records to change.

It’s advised that you add hosting to your panel right once to reduce the time it takes for the site to resolve live.

How can I add a domain to my account?
Your site will resolve automatically after the nameservers have been updated.

Deleting a registration you just purchased

A domain registration can be deleted within 5 days of purchasing. This is frequently required if the word was misspelled. For some TLDs, however, this time period is not available. There may be no grace period at all depending on the TLD you buy. If you want to cancel a recent purchase, contact assistance right away.