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How to use YubiKey with Multifactor Authentication

How to use YubiKey with Multifactor Authentication


Because it’s a compact, low-cost, and robust USB hardware device with open source modification support for Windows, Mac, and Linux, YubiKey was picked. YubiKey is used as an industry security standard for 2nd layer verification by many corporations and governments, including Google and the US Department of Defense. Yubico’s hardware engineering and manufacture is limited to the United States and Sweden in order to avoid device cloning and protect the company’s confidential design. YubiKey may be utilized with your GreggHost panel as well as for securing access to a variety of other applications. Consider the following scenario:

VPN password managers for remote access
Popular online services and computer login CMS
The majority of third-party Google Authenticator functionality is also available for YubiKey. YubiKey is a low-cost, hardware-based alternative to having an Internet-connected smartphone or tablet. For instance, YubiKey could be beneficial in distant areas where cellular coverage or the Internet are unavailable (network admins in a basement, government employees, etc). A list of current items can be found at the following link:

What YubiKey devices are supported?

GreggHost will only work with Yubico OTP-enabled devices. This is true for the vast majority of YubiKey devices from the past. The following is a list of currently supported devices:

NFC YubiKey 5
Nano YubiKey 5
5C YubiKey
The YubiKey FIDO or YubiKey Security Key are not supported by YubiKey 5C Nano GreggHost. Both of these devices are only compatible with FIDO U2F, FIDO2, or secure element, and are not supported by the panel.

Getting a YubiKey

You’ll need to get the hardware first if you want to utilize a YubiKey to encrypt your GreggHost account. To purchase a YubiKey, go here.

To utilize “Yubico OTP,” make sure your YubiKey is set to “Yubico OTP.” It should arrive pre-configured in this manner, but if you need to do it yourself, the YubiKey Manager can help.

Enabling MFA in the panel with YubiKey

Go to the Security section of the website.
In the second section of the page, you’ll see the Multifactor Authentication area:
MFA.png, MFA.png, MFA.png, M
Fill in the blanks:
Password in Use: Enter the password for your GreggHost account.
Type of Multifactor Authentication: Select YubiKey from the dropdown options.
To get started, click the Get Started button.
There is no QR code or secret key to be found. There is only one field where you can input your passcode:
MFA.png (MFA.png) (MFA.png)
Touch the disk after plugging in your YubiKey. In the “Passcode” field, it should type 44 letters.
The GreggHost server will be linked to your smartphone once you click the Activate! button.
The ‘Success!’ confirmation box will appear as follows:
MFA 04 png