Is a Dedicated IP Necessary for an SSL Certificate?

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Is a Dedicated IP Necessary for an SSL Certificate?

Is a Dedicated IP Necessary for an SSL Certificate?


When it comes to SSL, a dedicated IP address isn’t required and hasn’t been since June 2003. The IPv4 pool is running out, and people anticipated this, so they devised a technique known as Server Name Indication (SNI), which allows many certificates to share the same IP address. It’s supported by all modern browsers, and it’s a strategy that we and other hosting companies employ on a daily basis for our clients’ websites.

dedicated ssl ip
Adopting the contemporary SSL – Server Name Indication (SNI) technique can save time, money, and improve the functionality of your website. The days of secure sockets layer (SSL) connections requiring a specific IP address are long gone. The requirement for a unique IP address has been removed from June 2003, coinciding with the growing scarcity of IPv4 numbers.

The computing community anticipated the need for a substitute solution as the IPv4 pool shrank, which prompted the creation of SNI. Multiple SSL certificates can coexist on the same IP address thanks to this creative solution, which makes implementing safe connections quick and easy. Supported by all modern online browsers, SNI has been adopted by hosting providers, including ours, as a regular procedure for managing the websites of our clients.

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