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Is GregHost PCI compliant?

Is GregHost PCI compliant?


PCI compliance is an information security standard that applies to all businesses that store, process, or send credit card information.

GreggHost complies with PCI standards. This applies only to GreggHost’s own websites and servers. Customer websites are not covered by GreggHost’s PCI compliance.

How do I make my site PCI compliant?
If their site requires PCI certification, each customer must obtain it on their own (e.g., if the site processes credit card information).

For information on how to become PCI compliant, you should first contact your payment processor. They will be able to provide you with extensive information about the process and refer you to an Approved Scanning Vendor if necessary.

More information about PCI compliance can be found at the following websites:
Disclaimer: GreggHost is unable to assist you in becoming PCI compliant. GreggHost, on the other hand, ensures that its servers are up to date in terms of PCI compliance.