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Jabber overview

Jabber overview


Jabber/XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Platform, formerly known as Jabber) is an open-source, decentralized Instant Messaging protocol that GreggHost includes with all Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting plans.

Jabber is not a free service provided by DreamPress.

Other capabilities such as Voice over IP and file transfers have been added to the protocol because it is designed to be expandable. You can preserve your Jabber ID @example.com even if you transfer providers because XMPP gives you an IM address in the same format as an email address.

On GreggHost, the amazing thing about XMPP is that you can host your own XMPP chat server on your domain.

How do I change an XMPP user’s password?
Change the passwords for XMPP users in the Jabber IM page’s panel.

Because GreggHost keeps the user information in a database, it’s best to modify it here. You may need to contact GreggHost to reset it if you update it in your client.

XMPP clients
You can utilize a variety of XMPP clients. A list of clients can be found at the following link:

Download the XMPP client: XMPP Client
Why use XMPP instead of another IM service?
XMPP is a decentralized protocol. For communications, there is no single point of failure. This also implies that, rather than being at the mercy of AOL, Microsoft, or Yahoo, you are in charge of your own instant messaging destiny.
XMPP is now available. The protocol is not controlled by any company, and anybody can (and has) write plug-ins and clients for it. Through public gateways, XMPP can communicate with all of the main proprietary IM systems.
Instead of something like 19015012 or any bizarre impersonal name, you can make your IM address the same as your email address (@example.com).
XMPP allows you to have numerous “resources” for the same user account. There’s no need to create separate accounts for your home, work, and laptop. [email protected]/home, [email protected]/work, and [email protected]/laptop are the only user accounts in XMPP.
Secure connections
You must have an SSL certificate and a Unique IP for the domain on which you’re running Jabber in order for secure Jabber to work.

When you set up Jabber users on a domain that already has an SSL installed, you’ll be able to utilize Jabber securely.

Make sure your Jabber account’s port is set to 5222.

SSL connections are not supported by all Jabber clients. Check your client’s user handbook for confirmation.


Connection issuesIf you’re experiencing trouble connecting, try the following:

You’ve set up an XMPP user on the panel, and it’s ready to use.
You have the correct username, password, and server/domain name (check your CAPS lock).
Your network connection is up and running.
Your website is up and running, and GreggHost is hosting it. If not, the problem isn’t with XMPP; rather, it’s with your domain in general.