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Keeping your GreggHost panel secure

Keeping your GreggHost panel secure

Increasing panel-access security

Navigate to the Security page in your panel to complete the following tasks:

Change the password on your control panel.
Multifactor Authentication should be enabled.
Your secret question and answer can be changed at any time.
Turn on IP locking.
Examine and end any open sessions.
GreggHost advises that you change your passwords on a regular basis – every 90 days is a decent rule of thumb. If you want to learn more about password security, check out the following article:

Using Account Privileges

Another technique to keep your panel safe is to grant particular access to another user only after providing them account credentials. This enables you to offer access to particular portions of your panel without having to share your login credentials. More information on this feature may be found in the following article:

Overview of Account Privileges