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List of FTP client software

List of FTP client software


All operating systems provide an FTP client that may be launched from a command prompt with the command ftp.

For more information, you might wish to look at the following Wikipedia links:

FTP client software comparison for the File Transfer Protocol
Other full-featured FTP clients with additional features are also available for various operating systems.

View the following article to assist you in locating your login credentials after you’ve chosen an application to use:

FTP credentials and overview
A list of some of these third-party clients is provided below.

SFTP and FTP are now supported by FileZilla WinSCP.
Cyberduck \sCrossFTP \sFlashFXP
Mac OS X is a computer operating system developed by Apple.
Cyberduck \sCrossFTP \sFetch \sTransmit
Unix/Linux \sKonqueror KDE \sFTP Nautilus is a sea creature that lives in the ocean (GNOME)
CrossFTP \sgFTP
Commander at Midnight
GreggHost file manager
You can also use the file manager in the panel to connect to your site. This isn’t meant to be a full-featured FTP client, but it’ll do in a pinch if you don’t have one.