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Mail panel

Mail panel

mail panel


The Mail panel is where you may handle many aspects of your GreggHost mail services, such as:

Email address creation, editing, and deletion
Setting up your Webmail service
MX record creation/editing
Announcement Lists: Creating and Editing
Making and Changing Discussion Lists
Taking care of spam filters
Autoresponders: Creating and Editing

Email Management

You can add, change, and remove email addresses on the Manage Email page. You can alter passwords, disk limit quota, and configure the email as fully-hosted or as a forward-only address by selecting the Edit button to the right of any address.

For more information, see the following article:

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Google Workspace

You can add Google Workspace to your domain using Google Workspace. This replaces GreggHost with Google as your email provider. It also gives you access to Google services like Drive, Calendar, and Hangouts. For more information, see the following article:


Overview of Google Workspace Webmail
You can view the current URL for Webmail and if it is hosted with GreggHost on the Webmail page.

Because your email is now hosted at Google, there is no need for a webmail address if you’ve enabled Google Workspace. Google Workspace will appear in the Enabled column.

You may change the following by clicking the Edit button in the Actions column:

menu.fw.png 01 mail
Webmail should be disabled.
Webmail on your domain is disabled. If you tick this box, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to check your email; you’ll still be able to use an email client or go to to do so.
Location of Webmail
This option allows you to customize the Webmail URL. Webmail is the default setting.

Custom MX

You can edit the MX records for your domain on the Custom MX page. Custom MX records can be entered, Google Workspace can be used to set up your email, or you can simply retain your mail panel services with GreggHost.

Visit the following article to learn more about custom MX records:

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Announce Lists

The Announcement Lists page allows you to establish your own Announcement List. This list allows you to send emails to hundreds or even thousands of people without using up your SMTP quota.

Visit the following articles for further information on the Announcement List feature:

Anti-spam Announcement Lists
You can construct filters to stop incoming spam on the Anti Spam page. Non-GreggHost mail services will not be able to use this feature.

Visit the following article for additional information:

Overview of anti-spam measures

Discussion Lists

You can create a Discussion List on the Discussion Lists page so that subscribers can communicate with one another via email. This is a fantastic function that has no bearing on the standard SMTP quota.

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Message Filters for Discussion Lists
On the Message Filters page, you may add custom filters. You can use this capability to set highly specific filters to control incoming email in any way you see fit.

View the following page for further information:

Filters for Messages

Of course, you can apply filters to your email client if it supports keyword filtering (which most modern email clients do). Because GreggHost filters are implemented on the server, they will take precedence over any local filtering performed by your mail client software.
Only forwarding addresses (aliases) can use keyword filters (or junk mail filtering either).
If you use GreggHost’s anti-spam filtering service, those filters take precedence over any custom filters you enable in the mail panel.


You can create a custom autoresponder on the Autoresponders page. Anyone who sends you an email will receive a response from this autoresponder. When you’re not available for a lengthy period of time, this feature comes in handy (such as a vacation).

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